Storm Dancing

Storm Dancing on Princes Wharf, Auckland, NZ

(Click to enlarge, then click again)

This guy is leaning into the wind on Princes Wharf, Auckland, NZ during the storm of 26-7-08 when the winds were gusting to more than 110kph/69mph: imagine what the wind is like when you’re driving down the highway, then increase it.

Princes Wharf juts out into the Waitemata Harbour and was completely exposed to the winds. People were being blown backwards and the rain felt like a barrage of needles; even though I was kneeling behind a large pillar I was literally getting knocked around by the wind. At the time I thought that this was as close as I’d ever get to combat photography, because the conditions were so extreme and the screaming of the wind so insane. Taking photos whilst avoiding injury to myself and my camera was quite a task. The storm dancer had no idea that he was being photographed, rather he was just enjoying himself.


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