Caption Competition

If you visit our church you’ll need sunglasses because we have three bald guys with shiny domes attending at present (click here to view a photo of them). One went bald due to chemotherapy, and the other two shaved in solidarity.

A few days ago I took the photo below, which shows two of these guys: David Burge (chemo junkie, on the left) and Garry Schäche. This photo is crying out for a humorous and irreverent caption and here’s your opportunity to have some fun. Yes, you are allowed to joke about their physical features if it’s done in a friendly way. The desired effect is :lol:. So, get your thinking cap on, and when you’ve come up with a caption or captions post a comment and dazzle everyone like these guys do: tick the box if you’d like to receive an email when new comments/entries are added. Comments are moderated so yours won’t appear instantly.

If I like your caption above the others you’ll get a free lifetime subscription to Mandeno Moments and my undying gratitude (which is probably worth far more than the subscription). No correspondence with the judge will be entered into, blah blah.

Click here, here and here for the full story behind the photo.

You don’t put a tablecloth on a marble table…

David Burge & Garry Schache 3Jan2010 (frame 6274)

Click on the photo for a larger size


4 Responses to “Caption Competition

  1. Raymond Sanson Says:

    caption “Who said bald wasn’t fashionable”

  2. Mike Says:

    He called me egghead!

  3. Chris Kelly Says:

    but now Pinochio’s a “real boy”

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