Photo trip: Piha 28-3-10

I went to Piha (map) on a fine Sunday afternoon with a group from Manuaku Photographic Society. It’s a well known surf beach and the photo on the right gives you an overview: Lion Rock is to the right of the boy, South Piha is on the near side of the rock, and – wait for it – North Piha is on the far side of the rock. All the on-beach photos that you’ll see here were taken in an area that is slightly north of Lion Rock.

Please note that all the photos can be enlarged: just click on a photo, then click again.

Piha is a very dangerous beach for swimmers and just before we arrived a boy went missing: we saw helicopters, a small plane, a jet ski, and surf lifesavers searching for him. The next five photos show scenes from that search, including lifeguards in red and yellow uniforms:

The search was a stark contrast with a light-hearted game of beach cricket…

Beaches are great places for getting candid photographs, and the next five photos show sundry beach scenes…

Dog + human + beach + stick = timeless combination…

Salt wasn’t the only thing in the air…

Love is…using your boyfriend’s stinky shirt as a sunshade 😕

Then, like moths drawn to a flame, our small band of shutterbugs went to a hill above the beach where we could observe the sun setting over the sea. This spot is popular with people and dogs who like to pose for photos…

One pair of posers gave me a photo that I like very much:

Sunsets aren’t my favourite photographic subjects, but a nice one is hard to resist…

The next two photos were taken 46 seconds apart…

Ten seconds later and the sun was gone for another day:

The photo at the top of this post was taken when the sun was high. The photo below shows you how much nicer the same scene is when the sun is just below the horizon; the best times for photography are usually about two hours before sunset to one hour afterward. If you’re a worm rather than a lark, try one hour before sunrise to two hours afterward.

That’s all folks 🙂

6 Responses to “ Photo trip: Piha 28-3-10

  1. Garry Says:

    very nice, great overview of the days outing

  2. Alf Thompson Says:

    Great Photos, Really good to look at, Must have been a good outing.

  3. Heather Says:

    Grant and I were at Piha as well. we waited at the cafe in town then went to the Surf club to meet up. Didn’t see you but would of loved to know that you guys had gone as well. Loved your photos and great story line. I took some sun set shots as well…awesome place, I just love Piha, but very sad that the 15 year old boy was lost in the surf. Kindest regards Heather

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