In Card We Trust

<img class="size-full wp-In Card We Trust

When I saw this scene it immediately reminded me of modern attitudes to money.

Auckland’s Britomart Transport Centre has large glass boxes surrounding the base of each pillar that’s on the upper level. People use these glass boxes as wishing wells, pushing coins and notes through gaps between the glass panels. Many people live on credit these days*, and seeing a card substituted for coins illustrates this so well. In God We Trust has become In Card We Trust.

The card has been cancelled and I’ve blurred the owner’s name.

* i.e. they’re spending tomorrow’s income – rather than spending what they actually possess – and assuming that they will have an income tomorrow instead of being made redundant or having a heart attack (this is a form of gambling). In addition they’re paying for the privilege of spending tomorrow’s income – this is called interest and fees – and they are thereby reducing tomorrow’s income. Living on credit reduces the reward received for each hour’s labour.


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