Sinking for a photo of Rangitoto

Rangitoto Island

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This was one of those occasions where the making of a photo was a memorable experience.

I was out for a walk on Auckland’s North Shore when I came across this spectacular piece of driftwood. The opportunity for a frame-within-a-frame was obvious, so I walked around and had a look at the driftwood from various directions, then concluded that having Rangitoto Island in the background gave the best composition. What I also needed was a focal point – a point of interest that holds the eye – and I could see a yacht approaching. The yacht owner had kindly put up red sails which complemented the greens in the scene nicely.

Having the camera as low as possible was the best option, but I was below the high tide mark and the sand was saturated with camera-killing salt water. When the sand is like this you sink six inches into it in a few minutes. So there I was on my knees and elbows, showing the world my rump steak, waiting for the yacht to come into alignment, trying to keep my camera alive, and sinking for a photo of Rangitoto.


2 Responses to “ Sinking for a photo of Rangitoto

  1. Joce Says:

    Now that’s dedication :o) Great photo!

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