Black Takes White: putting action into chess

Black Takes White chess street photography

Click to enlarge, then click again

I saw these two guys playing in a shopping mall, and seeing people playing with huge chess pieces is unusual enough to make an interesting photo. The challenge was to find some action and life in a game not known for thrills and spills.

When something in a photo has the potential to fall that object gives tension and life to the image. The way that the guy on the right is leaning over does this, as does the swinging white chess piece. I like the way that the guy on the left is nonchalantly leaning against the wall as yet another of his pieces is captured, and he adds a bit more tension to the image by contrasting with the action of the guy on the right.

I particularly like photos that contain a complete story, and this one falls into that category.

I carry a camera at all times, and that is what made this image possible.

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