Something different: psychedelia from editing LAB in Gimp

On Digital Photography School Helen Bradley wrote an article titled Ho-Hum to Wow! in Gimp. Here she gives very clear instructions for giving colours punch by using Gimp to edit the LAB colour space. I’m a Gimp user so I tried out the method, with the results that you see here.

What do you think of the second photo? Post a comment and share your thoughts.

Ho-Hum: here I edited the curves and levels in the conventional RGB colour space

Here I've edited the LAB colour space using Helen Bradley's method. The plastic has gone psychedelic and, as advertised, the colour and contrast of the leaves and branches has been given a real lift. This is just a quick edit and I expect that further experimentation would improve it. Putting photos on WordPress does degrade them.


One Response to “ Something different: psychedelia from editing LAB in Gimp

  1. Stuart Fairbairn Says:

    I like the result of your work. As a fellow Gimper, I am always looking for instruction. I haven’t yet followed Helen Bradley’s method, but after looking at your result i will set aside some time to give it a go.

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