Who is the Mandeno that makes the Moments?

Mandeno Moments are photographs made by me, Jachin Mandeno. I live in Auckland, New Zealand.

I primarily engage in street photography, candid portraiture, and event photography, but I also make other types of photos as opportunities arise (“make” is the key word here, not “take”).

I particularly like photos that contain people because those people give us a sense of scale and a point of emotional contact with the image. I also enjoy photos that tell a story. When making a photo involves consideration of story, lighting, composition, motion, and other factors you’ll see why I regard photography as an intellectual as well as an artistic pursuit.

I started out with film cameras that had no electronics whatsoever – which was a great education – and now I use donated digital cameras. I’m very grateful for these because without donations I wouldn’t be the Mandeno that makes the Moments.

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4 Responses to “Who is the Mandeno that makes the Moments?

  1. peter.h fernando Says:

    Hi…. Jachin Mandeno.
    I found your PHOTO-site through a friend of mine. i went on your website it`s nice to see so i want to leave this comments to you. Jules Riding is a friend of mine
    lick to have a reply from you
    Jachin Mandeno.

  2. Jachin | MandenoMoments.com Says:

    Hi Peter. How do you know Jules?

  3. Jeffrey MacMillan Says:

    nice site.. loved the weather photos…
    who is the accordian music? killer stuff….

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