Video and audio from the funeral for David Burge


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Click here to see photos of the funeral.

Click on the white triangle above to start the video. An index is below. If the video is jerky pause it, wait until it’s completely downloaded (i.e. the growing grey bar to the right of the white triangle has completely filled its box), then restart. It may take a long time to download due to the length of the video.

Click here, here, and here to learn more about the still photos.

The video camera is basic and I had to rope in inexperienced camera operators, so this isn’t a professional production and we missed a couple of eulogies (all the family eulogies are in the video, and the missed eulogies are in the audio below). However, what you see is essentially the entire funeral. When you see the video change from scene to another you’re only missing out on things like one person walking off the stage and another walking on (I apologise to those who find that sort of thing thrilling).

The video above is a low quality version made for web viewing, and if you want to download a better-quality version of the video you can do so by clicking here (it’s a whopping 1.84GB).

Dave’s humour was mentioned often at the funeral and at the bottom of this page is a video showing Dave in action; this video was made about seven weeks before Dave fell asleep (passed away. Click here to see the origin of this term).

Video index

Start times are in red: put your mouse over the video above and drag the slider to go to a particular part of the video.

1) Welcome and worship

2) 26:09 Sermon

3) 44:42 Family eulogies

4) 1:05:19 Other eulogies

5) 1:44:58 The Lord Is My Shepherd, sung and played by the Alexander-Burge Band (that’s a name that I made up). To learn more about them scroll down the page and look for The Lord Is My Shepherd in red.

6) 1:49:41 Benediction and recessional

Audio recordings

You can listen to the audio recordings here and/or download them. The eulogies and sermon were recorded through the main sound system, so in many ways will sound better than the video does (the video was recorded with on-camera microphones).

Please note that I cannot control the ads that you see when you download files. I use Firefox with a plugin called Adblock Plus that makes the ads disappear.


I’ve removed the gaps between speakers, but otherwise this is a complete recording of the eulogies. Click here to download as a MP3 (27.1 MB). There’s an index below.

Index of eulogies

Start times are in red: to go to a particular eulogy put your mouse over the window above and drag the slider.

The quantity of eulogies is astonishing, and says a lot about Dave’s impact on people. He said that he was able to do as much as he did because he had Tarnya’s help (I am reminded of this). ‘Eulogy’ comes from two Greek words that together mean ‘good words’, in the sense of praise. Notably, people focused on Dave’s character, unlike some funerals I’ve been to where people focus on actions.

1) Glenise Burge, Dave’s mother
2) 5:11 Tarnya Burge, Dave’s wife
3) 12:37 Rachel Burge (14), Dave & Tarnya’s daughter
4) 14:45 Joseph Burge (9), Dave & Tarnya’s son
5) 15:09 Vicki Alexander, Dave’s sister
6) 16:25 Rebekah Alexander (9), Vicki’s daughter
7) 17:13 Philip Alexander, Vicki’s husband
8.) 19:37 Penny Vann delivering greetings from Tim Fox and Russell Carle
9) 25:07 Doug Kern
10) 26:55 Cliff Ireland
11) 29:49 Grant Aldridge
12) 31:11 Frank Winter, ‘Uncle Frank’ to Dave
13) 32:25 Garry Schäche
14) 39:47 Rob Aiken (I hope that’s the correct spelling)
15) 43:22 Gavin McIntosh, from Thames Church of Christ
16) 44:22 Maurice Christie, from Hamilton Church of Christ
17) 47:09 Barry DeGeeste, Dave’s former employer
(missing from the video)
18) 48:27 Di Willis, from the Christian Ministries With Disabled Trust (CMWDT)
19) 51:08 Vanessa Creamer from CMWDT
20) 52:32 David Senior, from CMWDT
21) 54:58 Grace (her eulogy begins with the voice of Philip Alexander). About Grace.
22) 56:28 Lynley Nelson-Freier

23) 58:07 Jachin Mandeno (missing from the video)
24) 59:24 Phil
25) 1:00:00 Garry Schäche
26) 1:00:30 Armand Newrick, pastor of the Hamilton Church of Christ



At Dave and Tarnya’s request Jeff Vann spoke on 1 Corinthians 15:50-58, where Paul invites you, a believer, to look ahead into your future as a glorified saint. Click here for the full text. Click here to download as a MP3 (19.5 MB).



The Lord Is My Shepherd

See the note below if you’re interested in sound quality.


100710 David Burge funeral stills 356 edited 400wide

Click to enlarge

Philip Alexander: vocals and guitar

Vicki Alexander: vocals and piano

Kaleb Singh-Alexander (14): keyboard

Rebekah Alexander (9): violin

Rachel Burge (14): flute

Click here to download as a MP3 (7.9 MB).

A note for people who are interested in sound quality

The above version of The Lord Is My Shepherd is a mono recording made through the main sound system, and as such it cuts out most of the congregation’s noise. However, I had no control over how it was recorded and to me it sounds like fingernails being dragged across a blackboard.

My video camera records stereo in the lossless WAVE format and, apart from the congregational noise, the result sounds a lot better than what’s above. I’ve extracted the audio from the video and made three versions available for download:

  • Version 1 is the original audio with a fade added at both ends. Apart from the fades this is exactly what the camera recorded, lossless all the way.
  • Version 2 is the same as Version 1, except that I’ve filtered out most of the hiss. To my ear this is the best version. It’s lossless all the way.
  • Version 3 is Version 2 made into a high quality MP3 (lossy).

In summary (for the technically challenged): if you want the best sound quality for archival and listening purposes I’d recommend Version 2. It’s ideal for burning to a CD and playing on a normal CD player.







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