Downloading and viewing the video of the funeral for David Burge




The video that you have seen is a low quality version made for internet viewing. A better-quality version is available and I’m making this available for you to download. However, it’s a large file (1.83GB) and supplying this to you in one piece would entail an ongoing cost that my wallet would not appreciate. So, I’ve looked around and found a free way of giving you this video that is, I believe, as simple as possible. Following the instructions below will give you the original file, i.e. you can play the video from beginning to end without interruption.

Please note that I cannot control the ads that you see when you download files. I use Firefox with a plugin called Adblock Plus that makes the ads disappear.

Step 1) If you’re able I recommend creating a new folder on your hard drive and putting the downloads there. Don’t worry if you can’t manage this.

Step 2) Click here to download a program called File Splitter. You don’t have to install this, just double click it to run it. Softpedia says that this file is harmless.

Step 3) The video has been divided into ten chunks; click on the links below to download all of these (they must all be saved in the same folder).

Chunk #1 Chunk #2 Chunk #3 Chunk #4 Chunk #5

Chunk #6 Chunk #7 Chunk #8 Chunk #9 Chunk #10

Step 4) Double click on the file called Free-File-Splitter-v5.0.1189.exe to start File Splitter.

Step 5) It’s as easy as A, B, C…

A) click on Join Files

B) click on Browse and locate any of the chunks that you downloaded. Click on a chunk then click Open.

C) click on Browse and you’ll find yourself in the folder where all the chunks are. You have to enter a file name in the box and I suggest Funeral for David Burge 10July2010 (copy and paste that). After you’ve entered a file name click Save. Now click on Join and the file splitter program will automagically turn the chunks into a video file. Once you’ve seen the video playing you can delete the chunks.

Watching the video

I found that the video looked horrible when played in Windows Media Player and Quicktime. I recommend the free VLC Media Player (portable version). Windows Media Player generally won’t work if you’re not connected to the internet (whose bright idea was that?), but VLC Media Player does not require an internet connection when in use, and plays practically any audio or video file, as well as streaming audio.


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