Shipping information for TradeMe auctions run by ‘boaz4’

  • Shipping is charged on a cost-recovery basis.
  • Shipping is always on a ‘buyer’s risk’ basis. I will take reasonable steps to ensure that your items arrive safely, but once they are despatched events are beyond my control. I can’t stop your neighbour’s dog when he’s chewing the package that the courier left on your front step :). At time of writing I’ve made 191 sales and there’s been no complaints about my packaging. Feedback dated 27 October 2004 says “the packaging was a work of art”.
  • I’m happy to combine shipping: you can ask for a price before you bid or accept the price given later.
  • I ship on weekdays that aren’t public holidays and I aim (not promise) to send items on the same day that the payment is received and cleared. I will contact you if your items aren’t shipped within two business days of payment being received and cleared.
  • Items that are sensitive to moisture, e.g. books, will be wrapped in plastic.
  • On top of the price charged by the carrier (e.g. NZ Post) I add 50c-$1 for packaging costs – more for large items – unless the carrier price includes a plastic envelope and I just have to drop the item into the envelope. Sometimes I use recycled packaging materials and I don’t charge for those.
  • ‘Regular post’ means that the item will be left in your mailbox. ‘Tracked parcel post’ means that the item will be left at your door, even if no one is home. You may find that getting items delivered to your workplace is a safer option.
  • Shipping costs for non-book items are calculated individually and can’t be explained here because every situation is different.
  • The shipping cost for books depends on three separate factors: (1) thickness, (2) length and width, and (3) weight. The NZ Post rules mean that a small thick book may cost more to ship than a large thin book. I have the NZ Post information to hand and basically I figure out what the cheapest option is for each book or group of books.

Click here to view my current listings on TradeMe.


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