Supplying photos to the cast of Cataclysm

I am happy to supply digital copies of photos to cast members at no charge for personal, non-commercial use only: it’s unjust if other people make money out my work and I get nothing. I also ask that you give credit and a link to my website (e.g. Photos © Mandeno Moments if you put the photos on a website. Copyright, for what it’s worth, is always mine. If you want to use the photos for commercial purposes please contact me so we talk about it.

If I give you photos I do not expect anything in return, but please consider making a donation: there are ongoing internet expenses, photographic equipment is expensive, and there is a lot of work involved in taking and editing photos (I don’t just pull photos out of my camera and put them on my website – each one is processed). Without exaggeration, donations of equipment and funds are what makes photography possible for me. E.g., without donations I could not afford an internet connection. My account number is 03 0355 0587701 00, account name Jachin Mandeno, please make the reference ‘donation’, and thank you :). If you prefer snail mail my address is PO Box 202162, Southgate, Takanini 2246, New Zealand.

If you have any questions please contact me.

Important information re printing of my photos

I crop according to what looks good, so the proportions (shape) of my photos don’t match the proportions of the prints you will get. When getting photos printed you must request the ‘no crop’ or ‘shrink to fit’ option, otherwise you will lose part of the photo. If your regular photo printer won’t do this I suggest going to Frogprints. Click here to see an illustration of what I’m talking about.

2 Responses to “ Supplying photos to the cast of Cataclysm

  1. Sarah Rauch Says:

    hi there!!

    Would be happy to give your details to be included in our Hebron Christian College newsletter – an exclusive Christian school, it reaches some elite families in the Mt Albert area….so hopefully revenue will be forthcoming!!

    Pictures of the choir especially would be fantastic 🙂 The Principal has already asked me about pics!!

  2. Jachin | Says:

    Thanks Sarah, I’ll contact you via email.

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