Photo trip: Raglan 5-12-10

The Waikato Photographic Society (WPS) arranged a trip to Raglan and kindly invited the Manukau Photographic Society (MPS) to join them. I’d never been to Raglan before so I had no preconceptions: this was a good thing, because preconceptions tend to stifle creativity and make it harder to see photographic opportunities. When we’ve seen a place often we’re less likely to notice what is around us.

Practical tips: The photos are displayed here so in a small size so I can merge them with a story: click on any photo to enlarge it and you’ll get a nicer display of all the photos (once you’re there click on any photo to enlarge it further). Photo titles are in bold italics and appear above the relevant photo.

En route to Raglan a few of us stopped off at the St Albans church in Waingaro…

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