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Mandeno Moments Photography

My photos.

The Big Picture

International photojournalism from The Boston Globe. Pressing F11 makes it easier to view the pictures.

The Farm in Diggers Valley

Ruth Renner is a keen photographer and has an interesting photoblog showing daily life on her farm. Be sure to sign up for “email update reminders”.

Jason Lee

Jason creates photos of his kids that are very original and bursting with character. Click here and here to learn more about how he does it.

Jason Love’s Funny Pictures

Jason Love is comedian and his photos reveal a talent for seeing the quirky in the common.


Lens is the photoblog of the New York Times. It provides a lot more than regular photojournalism, also displaying historical and arty photographs.

Luminous Landscape

This a superb website with information on many aspects of photography. Expose Right is an important article for people who use digital cameras.

Mandy Schoche Photography

Mandy has many excellent photos, but Raincatcher is probably my favourite.

Mirror Images

A photojournalism blog from the Mirror newspaper. I like the shot of the baby elephant.

Photography is Not a Crime

Carlos Miller’s blog documents the persecution of American photographers and advises them of their rights. In the USA there is a real problem with police officers objecting to citizens recording them, then beating the photographer and/or illegally seizing his camera. These officers do not want to be accountable for their actions and are terrorising citizens in order to deter scrutiny. In one case a police officer murdered a suspect who was passive and face down on the ground, then officers went around and illegally seized the cameras of witnesses. Preventing criticism of police officers and other public servants is an attack on free speech and a characteristic of totalitarianism (much like North Korea, Soviet Russia, and Iraq under Saddam Hussein). Freedom can only exist when public officials can be scrutinised and criticised by the public without hindrance.

Reuters Photo Blog

Much of the material on this blog is written by photojournalists. I like this blog because there are many great photos and the photojournalists tell you what went into making them.

Timothy Allen

Superb photos of people.


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